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DVR Car Hire & Van Hire

How old do I need to be to hire a vehicle?

Small Cars

Between 21 and 75 years, having held a full clean driving licence for 2 years.

Medium (including Automatics), Large, Estate Cars, MPV's, Minibuses, 4x4 Pickups, Light Commercial Vehicles (including 3.5tonne Vehicles), & 7.5tonne Vehicles.

Between 25 and 75 years, having held a full clean driving licence for 2 years. In some cases if you are over 75 years it is still posible to hire, please check with our Rental Advisors at Central Reservations on 08000 51 52 53.

What vehicles can I drive on my Licence?

Category B

Cars, 4x4s, MPV's and Light Commercial Vehicles up to and including the maximum weight of 3.5tonne, and no more than 8 passenger seats.

Category C1

Commercial vehicles up to, and including the maximum weight of 7.5tonne. A Operators Licence is required for business use.

Category D1

Minibuses no more than 16 passenger seats.

Category E

Permits towing, and will be added to another category, for example B+E, C1+E or D1+E.

What ID do I require to hire a vehicle?

You will need a recent Utility Bill (no older than 60 days), Bank Statement, Passport, or Council Tax Bill as well as your own Driving Licence.

What paperwork do I need to bring when I collect my hire vehicle?

You will need to provide:

  1. Your Photocard (or pre-photocard paper driving licence)
  2. Your National Insurance number
  3. Your postcode
  4. A recent utility bill (dated within the past 60 days)
  5. A credit or debit card to pay for the hire vehicle. Note: The cardholder MUST be present.

Please note that if mutliple people are driving a hire vehicle they will also need to provide items i, ii, iii and iv as listed above.

I have a Foreign Licence - can I hire?

Yes, Foreign Licence holders must be in the possession of a National, and where required a International or European Driving Licence. Restrictions may apply to some licence holders. If you are a temporary visitor to the UK, you may drive up to 12 months on your non-UK Driving Licence. We would prefer it that you have National, an International or European Driving Licence. If you do not have a Driving Permit for the UK, you will be asked to provide evidence that you are a temporary visitor, and that you have not been in the UK for longer than 12 months.

What happens if I have penalty points on my licence?

As a general rule, up to 6 points within the last 3 years is acceptable, for offences such as speeding, parking or construction and use. If you have endorsements for driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, or drugs, or driving with no insurance, it is recommended that you contact Central Reservations on 08000 51 52 53 or if you have been banned from driving within the last 10 years. If you have been banned or have more than 6 points on your licence - you may still be able to hire, but subject to conditions.

What payments do you accept?

We accept payment by Debit Card or Credit Card only - all major credit cards accepted. Payment must be made in full before commencement of hire.

Can I take your hire vehicles abroad?

Yes, subject to prior approval. Additional charges will apply for European Recovery, and you will need extra documentation to take the vehicle outside of the UK. All vehicles will need a letter of authorisation to take the vehicle abroad.

Can I have an additional driver?

Yes you can have as many additional drives as you may require. All drivers will need to show their Driving Licences when the vehicle is collected - there will be a small charge for this service.

Are your Vehicles Insured?

Yes, all our vehicles are insured by ourselves, and it covers you the hirer to drive on the Public Highway. It is a Fully Comprehensive Insurance Policy with Excess from £500 depending on which rental vehicle you are hiring. Please ask the Rental Advisor at time of booking.

DVR Car Hire & Van Hire

Do you have a Collision Damage Waiver?

Yes, Collision Damage Waiver reduces your excess contribution in the event of a Motor Accident. By paying a small additional charge the insurance excess can be reduced. However this figure may change depending on driving endorsements, driving experience, the intended use of the vehicle, and previous accidents. Ask the Rental Advisor at time of booking your vehicle.

Collision Damage Waiver does not cover:-

  • Damage caused above Window/Windscreen on a Commercial Vehicle.
  • Damage caused to a vehicle whilst not on the public highway.
  • Theft of Vehicle.
  • Acts of vandalism.
  • Malicious Acts.
  • Damage caused by the negligence of the driver (e.g. racing or driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs).
  • If terms and conditions of the rental agreement are breached.

Do you offer Windscreen Cover?

Yes, as windscreens are easily damaged and the cost of replacing a damaged windscreen is increasing significantly each year. Many windscreens are now heated, increasing costs even more. As the hirer of the vehicle you are responsible for any damage caused to the windscreen whilst the vehicle is in your possession. By accepting our Windscreen Damage Cover, you can reduce your Windscreen Excess from as much as £1000 (dependent on vehicle hired) down to £50.

What happens if the hire vehicle I have rented breaks down?

In the unlikely event of breakdown the hirer is asked to contact a Roadside Breakdown Service (AA/RAC) - who will assist you. A number will be issued when you collect your hire vehicle.

Do I have to supply the fuel?

Yes, all fuel used in the hire vehicles is the hirers responsibility. You must return the rental vehicle with the same amount of fuel that it had in it at the start of the hire.

Do I need to collect the rental vehicle?

It is normal to collect the rental vehicle from your nearest Dorset Vehicle Rental Branch, but if you do require delivery and/or collection this is a service that is sometimes available. Please arrange at time of booking, but please note extra costs are involved for this service.

Can I extend the hire?

Yes, hirers must inform Central Reservations (08000 51 52 53) or the local branch which they have hired their vehicle from if they wish to retain a vehicle beyond the agreed time or date of return. Failure to do so may result in the hirer driving without insurance.

Can I tow with a Dorset Vehicle Rental vehicle?

Yes you can, however additional charges my apply, and Dorset Vehicle Rentals consent must be given prior to rental of the vehicle. Any trailer in excess of 750kg must be braked. Please note, the Dorset Vehicle Rentals Insurance Policy does not cover your trailer, or goods carried. You must also check your driving licence that you hold the correct vehicle category to tow.

Can I book a vehicle in another Country with you?

Yes you can, you can book a vehicle by following the National and International Holiday Car Hire link on the Home Page of our website.

When I book a vehicle on-line, and put in my credit card details, do I need to be present at the Branch when the vehicle is collected?

YES! The 'Card Holder' and/or Driver must be present when you come to collect the vehicle from your chosen Branch. The credit card details are put in on-line to secure your on-line booking.